Christine grew up in Winnipeg, near the geographical center of Canada. She completed her BSc in Genetics at the University of Manitoba in 1997. She went on to complete her doctorate work in Biochemistry also at the University of Manitoba with the late Dr. Arnold Greenberg. She was focused on the BCL-2 related protein BNIP3 which is now a recognized player in autophagy.


Christine was a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Don Cleveland at the Ludwig Institute at the University of California San Diego. She studied the cell biology underlying motor neuron loss in the neurodegenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Her work included study of ALS2 and SOD1-mediated pathogenesis.


After her California adventure, Christine returned to the Great White North to establish her lab in 2007 at the CHUM Research Center, an affiliate of the Universite de Montreal, located in downtown Montreal.  She is currently Professor in the Department of Neurosciences, is a former CIHR New Investigator, and a current FRQS Senior Research Scholar.


Work hard, play hard!



Sabrina Semmler

PhD student (Neurosciences), 2019

Co-supervised with Dr. Heidi McBride

Current: Execute assistant to Scientific Director, DZNE, Germany

Yousra Khalfallah

PhD student (Biochemistry), 2019

Current: Clinical Research Coordinator, MNI Clinical Research Unit

Guillaume Caron

MSc student (Neurosciences), 2015


Current:  Studying at Polytechnique


Anais Aulas

PhD (Biochemistry), 2014


Current: Postdoctoral fellow (France)

Previous: Postdoctoral fellow (Dr. Paul Anderson, Harvard, Brigham Womens)

Sarah Pickles

PhD (Biochemistry), 2015


Current: Postdoctoral fellow (Dr. Leonard Petrucelli, Mayo Clinic)

Previous: Postdoctoral fellow (Dr. Richard Youle, NIH)

Stephanie Stabile

MSc (Neuroscience), 2013



Karli McDonald

MSc (Biomedical Sciences), 2012


Current: Medical Liason, Allergan

STAGIAIRES/Undergraduate Interns

Sami Haicheur (UdeM undergrad)

Mathieu Dubuc (UdeM undergrad)

Cloe Fontaine-Carbonneau (U. Sherbrooke, coop)

Celia Antoine (M1, France)

Charlotte Baudouin (M2, Leuven)

Quentin Delmotte (M2, Aix-Marseille)

Emeline Hamon (M1, Paris)

Jihene Gasmi (PDF)

Maxime Vergouts (M2, Leuven)

Sarah Cadot (M2, Toulouse)

Hannah Lomas (PDF with Guy Rouleau)

Maude Forest (UdeM, undergrad)

Yasmin Boukhedimi (UQAM, undergrad)

Lydia St-Onge (UdeM undergrad)

Evghenia Beleac (UdeM undergrad)

Enzo Bomal (UdeM undergrad)

Eve-Lynne Kyle (CEGEP)

Celine Desseille, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (Neurosciences), 2016-2018

Current: Postdoctoral fellow, France

Laurie Destroismaisons

Research assistant (2009-2017)


Current:  Missionnary in Panama

Sophie Rolland

MSc student (Neurosciences), 2018


Current: Private clinic

Hadjara Sidibe

PhD student (Neurosciences)


Examining the regulation of G3BP1!


Walters Aji Tebung, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (Neurosciences), 2018-2020


Current: Georgetown University, Medical School


Julie Pepin

Research Assistant, MSc​  2019

Motor neuron specialist

Naike Barbosa (UdeM undergrad)

Helena Malo (UdeM undergrad)

Jade-Emmanuelle Deshaies

Research Assistant, MSc

hnRNP A1 and ALS biology

Alicia Dubinski 

PhD student (Neurosciences)


Stress granules in vivo

Sarah Peyrard

Research technician, AHT


Mistress of the animals (and lab!)


Asmita Ghosh, PhD 

Postdoctoral fellow (Neurosciences)


G3BP1 function beyond stress granules

Myriam Gagne

PhD student (Biochemistry)

misfolded SOD1 & hnRNP A1 biology

Hana Fakim, PhD 

Postdoctoral fellow (Neurosciences)


G3BP1 mRNA biology

Mariana Llasera

MSc student (Biochemistry)


hnRNP A1 isoforms